Wetsuits have improved over the years and this has caused prices to go up, so its time to ensure you look after your investment and keep it in good condition to ensure it lasts.

Once you’ve taken the time to chose your wetsuit thickness, style, flexibility, budget and size it time to start using it. Its always noticeable how much warmer a new wetsuit is compared to your old stretched out one but how do we keep it in that condition? Below we have our top tips to ensure your wetsuit stays cared for and warm for the longest possible time.

Rinse It. Cleaning your wetsuit with fresh water is an essential job after every session. Getting that salty water, sand and other grime out of the suit is going to be one of the biggest factors in the length of life your wetsuit has. So to save yourself money in the long run give it a rinse both inside and out.

Clean It. A rinse is good but a clean is better. If you aren’t going to be using your suit for a while give it a proper clean with a wetsuit shampoo. This will help clean in between the fibres and ensure that anything that shouldn’t be there isn’t. You will also smell much better after a proper clean. – no more musty smells coming out the back of the car. Check out this O’Neill Wetsuit Cleaner

Dry It. No one likes a wet wetsuit so give your suit the best chance of drying by hanging it somewhere to drip dry. Ideally outside so the wind can help it dry but the shower is also a great option (a less smelly wetsuit will get less objections from house mates). Try and minimise drying times in direct sunlight. UV damage from leaving your wetsuit in the sun for extended periods of time will stiffen the wetsuit and this will result in a stiffer suit that is prone to cracking. Find all the wetsuit drying accessories for the best/quickest way to dry your wetsuit here – https://www.kingofwatersports.com/wetsuits/wetsuit-accessories

Turn the wetsuit inside out to dry the inside first, this is the side that’s against your skin so prioritise drying this side then turn the suit back the right way to dry the outside.

Be Careful with It. Neoprene is a soft and delicate material and although a wetsuit is stretchy they are pretty easy to tear, puncture or slice. Watches, fingernails and rings and other jewellery all are prime culprits for accidental wetsuit damage so take care when changing and if it feels like the suit is caught on something don’t just yank it harder – stop and ease the wetsuit over whatever is causing the problem.

In the water its fins and foils that are going to cause damage to your suit and sadly this is just something to be aware of and isn’t actually avoidable as when your falling in you are not usually in control.

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