Big Air kitesurfing has been evolving rapidly, new kit, new moves and new heights seem had been enabling riders to push the boundaries of their performance. All of this paired with a hugely successful Woo Worlds in 2022 means that it was time for a new release from one of the biggest kitesurfing tech providers Woo.

In this blog post, we will explore the highly anticipated release of Woo 4.0, the new kitesurfing device that takes the sport to new heights. We will delve into the exciting features and improvements this latest version offers over its predecessor.

  1. Enhanced Accuracy: Woo 4.0 introduces significant improvements in accuracy, ensuring precise measurements of your kitesurfing sessions. With an upgraded sensor system, the device captures data with greater precision, allowing riders to analyse their jumps, tricks, and overall performance in more detail. Whether you’re tracking your height, airtime, or landing G-force, Woo 4.0 provides reliable and accurate data to enhance your kitesurfing experience. With a Dual Core Processor the improved gyroscopic resolution and high accelerometer rate means more readings giving more details faster.
  2. Wireless charging mean there is no charging terminals coming through the casing to try and waterproof or keep clean of corrosion. This helps enhance the ruggedness of the Woo 4.0 and this paired with the upgraded Bluetooth 5.2 means your device has no wires but is better connected than ever before. The wireless charging also boosts 50% faster charging times getting you back on the water quicker.
  3. Improved Design and Durability: The Woo team has worked tirelessly to refine the design and durability of Woo 4.0. The device is sleeker and more streamlined, minimizing drag and interference during kitesurfing sessions. Its enhanced durability ensures it can withstand the rigorous conditions of the sport, such as saltwater, sand, and extreme weather. This sturdier build guarantees the device remains reliable even in challenging environments, providing riders with peace of mind.
  4. A bigger and smarter battery means 24 hour sessions are doable so it just the matter of whether you can keep up. The smarter battery helps maintain battery life in periods of low usage and therefore keeps battery in good condition to keep those long sessions coming.

With all that change coming there are some key things staying the same:

Mounting: The Woo 4.0 has stayed the same size as the 3.0 meaning you will be able to plug it straight in to your current mount.

Metrics: See your jump graph to get the finer details of your air time. Add Pro to get to know your analytics+ by tracking the details of your jump (pop, edge angle, take off speed and all jump distances and more) to train and improve your jump height.

Woo App and Community: Share your Big air, Freeride and Freestyle sessions with a global or local community.

Pairing: Unlock the full power of your Woo by pairing with a Garmin Smartwatch or Apple Watch to see live kite stats whilst riding.

Woo Worlds: With Pre order now live and the Woo 4.0 being delivered in July you will have the best tool for job when it comes to Woo Worlds in the Autumn. Woo Worlds is the biggest and best kitesurfing competition for pros and amateurs alike. Compete against the worlds best in teams or on your own with a whole host of different disciplines and take home some of the biggest prizes in kitesurfing.

Conclusion: Woo 4.0 marks a significant leap forward in the world of kitesurfing technology. With its enhanced accuracy, advanced performance metrics, gamification features, improved design, and user-friendly app, it promises to continue to revolutionize the way riders approach and enjoy the sport. Whether you are a seasoned professional or an enthusiastic beginner, Woo 4.0 will undoubtedly elevate your kitesurfing experience to new heights. So, gear up, strap on your board, and get ready to take on the wind with the incredible Woo 4.0!

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