The Code V1 by Slingshot is an impressive new addition to their kite line up, loved by their team for its versatile performance in any condition and discipline. The Code V1 is built on a three-strut platform that makes it lighter and more manoeuvrable than the more big air focused Machine v2. Its medium-aspect ratio, Hybrid Open C shape provides intuitive handling, incredible range, great sheet-and-go performance, and a fantastic bar feel. Moreover, the kite features a responsive wingtip design that allows effortless water relaunch for all riders.

The Code V1 is the most versatile kite that Slingshot has ever built, extending high performance to all riders, regardless of their skill level. Slingshot designed the Code V1 for performance and versatility and a one kite for all types of uses and keeping it easy to use.

The kite features a new reduced weight Dacron in the leading edge and struts that is lighter and more rigid than previous models, making it even more agile. Keeping with the light weight theme Slingshot has drastically reduced canopy panelling in the Code V1 to decrease the kite’s overall weight while also providing a more aerodynamic canopy profile. The canopy of the kite is made from Teijin 4×4 reinforced ripstop nylon, creating a strong, stiff, and durable canopy that helps provide stability in gusty winds. Additionally, the kite features multiple attachment, pulley-less bridle system points that allow for fine-tuning of handling and power which results in a more direct feel for the rider from the kite.

Testing the Slingshot Code V1 9m

Overall, the Code V1 is our favourite all-around kite in the Slingshot line up, delivering performance versatility in a user-friendly, intuitive package. We tested the kite on both a twintip and surf board and felt comfortable in a variety of waves, chop and flat water conditions and were excited to get more sessions in soon. It really is a good all round kite for those who like not to be pinned down to any particular style of riding but because of its easy use and performance capability you will feel confident to push your skills to a higher level.

Jeremy Burlando pushing the limits on the Code v1.

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