2023 sees the return of the Nitro from Cabrinha. In 2004 Cabrinh Cabrinha helped push the bounderies of big air kitesurfing with the launch of the original Nitro and now 19 years later ther Nitro is back aiming to do the same again.

The Cabrinha Nitro is a high-performance freeride kite that is designed for intermediate to advanced riders who want a powerful and responsive kite for boosting big jumps and executing tricks. It has a 5-strut design with a high aspect ratio, which provides excellent stability and fast turning speed.

The kite is clearly aimed at intermediate to advanced riders who like to ride fast and jump big. The high aspect ratio shape of the kite allows riders to turn power into speed. The five struts help keep the kite stable at speed and aid all round control.

One of the key features of the Nitro is the materials used. A light weight ripstop canopy to help keep the overall weight down and a Ultra HT frame in the leading edge and struts which helps keep everything stable whilst riding. The new materials will help keep the performance in the kite as it ages as all the materials are less prone to stretching. The Ultra HT not only helps keep weight down but also increases response to rider input which allow sharper turns of the kite and bigger jumps.

Overall the Nitro is designed for high-performance freeride and big air jumping. It has a powerful and dynamic feel, with quick and responsive turning that allows for tight and precise control. Its high aspect ratio design provides excellent upwind performance, making it easy to ride upwind. The speed and stability of the kite will also allow riders to unlock bigger jumps.

The Nitro is available in a range of sizes, from 5m to 12m, to suit most wind conditions for performance riding. The materials used are high-quality and well-designed meaning the kites should appeal to intermediate and experienced kiteboarders who are looking for a powerful and dynamic kite for freeriding and jumping.

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