Keep your wetsuit fresh is key to making it last and also stops it smelling so you wont be that person at the beach.

  1. Rinse your wetsuit with cold water after every use to remove salt, sand, and other contaminants.
  2. Hang your wetsuit in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.
  3. Don’t leave your wetsuit in the car or anywhere else that can get too hot.
  4. When washing your wetsuit, use a mild, non-detergent soap, like a wetsuit shampoo or a soft soap.
  5. Don’t ever put your wetsuit in the dryer – hang it up to air dry.

These five simple steps are the minimum you should do to keep your wetsuit in the best condition you can and this will help increase the life of your suit. Also rinsing the suit out will mean it dries faster too.

There are lots of accessories you can get to make the cleaning and drying of your wetsuit easier and quicker. Wetsuit specific hangers and dryers are all available here.

Things to avoid doing in your wetsuit.

  1. Avoid wearing any sharp jewellery whilst putting your wetsuit on and taking it off.
  2. Leaving your wetsuit creased up in a cupboard, shed or car. This can cause permanent creases in the neoprene.
  3. Avoid climbing over any rocks to enter or exit the water. Any nick or cut in the neoprene will cause warm water to drain out of the suit only to be replaced with cold sea water.
  4. If you have sharp nails be careful when pulling the wetsuit on.
  5. Avoid peeing in your wetsuit. This wont do any damage to the suit but may cause it to smell. Most of us have done it but you will smell the guys/girls who do it and don’t rinse their wetsuit.

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