Cabrinha’s biggest ever launch. Details on the whole new kite range.

New riders – include the current King Of The Air – Lorenzo Casati as well as one of the most viral female riders of all time Hannah Whiteley

New kit – The launch of a whole new range of kit features new kites, wings, foils and boards. There is literally a combination to suit any level of rider in any discipline.


Nitro: The makes a return to the Cabrinha line-up and is a a no-holds barred Big Air Kite. With its own leading edge material specifically designed for the Nitro this kite is built to take you higher than you’ve ever been before. The level of big air riding has gone through the roof and this kite is capable of the highest level of riding. Kite loops, contra loops, doobie loops, double loops, unhooked loops and all the variations are all within the realms of this kite if you are capable.

Switchblade: A long term favourite kite in the Cabrinha range the Switchblade needs no introduction. The kite spawned a freeride evolution and progressed the sport and now it returns with a hybrid frame work and new canopy material not only making it lighter, stiffer and more responsive but also increasing the wind range of each kite size.

Moto X: The Moto has been one of the most versatile freeride kites, whether your riding waves, foiling, or boosting the Moto has you covered. With a new Lite frame the kite now drives upwind and pulls through a kite loop meaning your favourite all round kite is now even more reactive, faster and easier to fly.

Drifter: This may be one of the most aptly named kites ever. Synonymous with Cabrinha the Drifter has multiple world titles to its name. It is designed to allow riders to focus on the job and not worry where the kite is. With the kite now being lighter than ever the drift capabilities have increased but sheet in and send the kite high and you can take your strapless game into big air.

Contra: The Session saver for some riders out there and the go to light wind performance kite for others. The Contra’s Legacy is getting people on the water enjoying themselves in the lightest possible winds. With a 15% weight saving in each kite size the Contra will now fly in lighter winds giving you even more scope to get out on the water.

Contra Aethea: One strut designed kite aimed at foiling but surprising non-foilers with performance. Getting out in the lightest winds on a foil can only be done with a light weight kite as the wind picks up you don’t need to come in and get a new kite out, just grab your twin tip or surfboard and enjoy the session as the Aethea will keep you in control when the wind fills in.

FX2: Showing off is what all boards sports have in common, the FX2 will have you showing off your big air and freestyle skills. Unhook and feel the pop/slack the kite gives to allow for all types of handle pass or change the bridle and have a progressive big air kite that allows for big loops and safe catches.

Cabrinha Operating System (COS): A critical piece of equipment and when you’ve spent countless hours tuning and modifying new kites you need a control system that will allow you to directly feel these adjustments and the new Cabrinha COS is exactly that. The most feature rich control system to date in the most simple and intuitive layout possible meaning everyone can feel the full benefits.

New Technology

The running theme through the 03 launch is weight reduction through the introduction of new materials but its not just new materials it seems a new look at the way the kite are made from the ground up. The kites aren’t just lighter and stronger but they are built differently depending on what the intended use is.

The Kite Frame: Lite, Hybrid and Apex frames have been designed and applied to the range of kites depending on the kites targeted usage.

Apex Frame – The highest performing design featuring exclusively in the Nitro. It features a new Ultra HT material that increases strength and stiffness at a lower weight than traditional leading edge materials.

Lite Frame – This frame is uses proven HTD Lite Dacron and gives the frame the lightest weight to improve the low end of kites.

Hybrid Frame – The perfect fusion of materials giving a kite the support it needs but with great response.

Other Tech:

Sprint 3.0 – The strut inflation valve system has been designed to increase air flow into the struts to speed up inflation time as well as being design to not kink . It features an easy to secure fit for easy kite maintenance.

EVA Trailing Battens – The trailing edge of the kite flutters the most, the lightweight EVA battens helps give support to this area without adding excess weight.

Bullet Proof Bumpers – Durable TPU bumpers a a compromise of light weight and strong and they protect the canopy to leading edge sowing when the kite is sat on hard/abrasive surfaces.

Ultralite Bladders – To help reduce overall kite weight. A lighter kite will have an increased wind range as well as respond quicker to rider input.



Find the full range of 03 Cabrinha Kites here.


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