Are you Christmas shopping for a kitesurfer but know nothing about kitesurfing? It’s ok, we all zone-out from time to time but suddenly you need to remember exactly what they said they wanted for Christmas? Let us help you jog your memory.
Budget is a pretty big deal when it comes to shopping for a kite surfer, so we have broken down the best Christmas buys from big budget shopping to stocking fillers..

Big Budget..


You could start by making their dreams come true and get them a kite. Now this is risky business as they may already have their kitesurfing hearts set on a particular kitesurfing brand or style of kite. Have you heard them whisper Cabrinha Switchblade, Ozone Zephyr or Slingshot RPM? Ring any bells?
If not, give our team a call, we can help you suss out a dream kite for your kitesurfer whatever their riding style. Our team have road tested each and every one so you are in safe hands.


Also an awesome gift for any kitesurfer, a crucial part of the set up, they come in all shapes and sizes. You can go for a kite surf board for wave riding or a twintip board for freestyle and freeride kitesurfing. The new kid on the block is the hydrofoil, recently all of the main kitesurfing brands have stepped up their game in the foiling department. To those not in the loop with the kitesurfing lingo a foil is a little wing that attaches to the bottom of kitesurfing boards and lifts the board and rider up and above the surface of the water.

The big winner for beginner kitesurfing is the Crazyfly Allround, all intermediates looking for a decent twintip Cabrinha Ace and Crazyfly Raptor Ltd for the pros. For those wave riding kitesurfers the Fone Mitu can’t be beaten. For hydro foiling the slingshot mast system foils are a good bet, they have different length masts so the foil height can be adjusted. These are our best sellers and the kiteboards we think are hot at the moment. As we mentioned before, this is a tricky purchase so keep your ear to the ground and find out the board they have fallen in love with if you can. Shopping for kitesurfing kit can be an emotional process, but extra brownie points if you can nail it!


Decent Dollar


For any watersports enthusiast a wetsuit is an essential bit of kit. First think of thickness, here is a quick guide for the UK Seasons –

Really Cold – 6/4 -November-Feb
Cold – 5/3 – Riding September to May
Chilly – 4/3 – March to May + September to November.
Mild – 3/2 – April to October
Warm – 3/2 Shorty – July to September

In the UK, even in the summer we rarely kitesurf without a wetsuit. The length of time you are in the water means that you are constantly wet and dealing with wind chill, so even a shorty is a good option in the summer.
Not sure of the size? The wetsuit size guide is pretty accurate. It is important to get the right size wetsuit, they are designed as a second skin so a perfect fit is essential. No fear, if you get it wrong you can exchange it for another size.

Kitesurfing Harness

The kitesurfing harness, another essential bit of kit, attaches the kitesurfer to the kite. Without a harness the kitesurfer would be hanging on to the kite using their arms, and although this sounds like a pretty reasonable, if not obvious, option it is certainly not a good idea. If you let go of the kite it will just fly away, and your arm muscles will be shredded and cramping within minutes.. No, hanging on with the arms under a kite that big is not an option.
Kitesurfing harnesses are a little easier to shop for than kites, boards or wetsuits. There are some stand out styles and best sellers we can point you towards, and all we need is the waist size.
Our best selling harnesses are made by Mystic and are in high demand, styles like the mystic warrior harness and the women’s mystic dutchess kitesurfing harness are a safe bet. For the more more experienced kitesurfers the Ride Engine harnesses are a big seller. They have a lower profile shape so it looks more compact but with a much stiffer back plate delivering optimum support for more advanced tricks.

SMART Tracker for Boardsports

The must have motion tracker for boardsports is called the WOO 2.0. This is a version of a fitness tracker for wakeboarders and kitesurfers that monitors tricks and improvements, session length and performance. They can track your progress like on strava and you can compete against other locals at your spot, the best way to to discover if you really are the King of Watersports.


A Little Something


We have some perfect little Christmas gifts that make ideal stocking fillers. You can’t go wrong with the Mystic Poncho, perfect for shivering bodies on the beach all year round. Available in new colours for 2017 including the regular and women’s poncho.



Helmets are essential for any wakeboarder riding at a cable park and we would also recommend wearing one for kitesurfing. Fortunately Mystic have just released the new MK8 X Helmet Ranges with some stylish new colours for 2017.


Wetsuit Gloves + Booties

Booties and gloves are essential for any winter kitesurfer, and for kitesurfers quality has never been more important. Our top selling brands are O’Neill, Prolimit and Mystic, with products like the Prolimit Polar Gloves and the O’Neill O’Riginals Wetsuit Booties.


Happy shopping!

(Still need help? No worries, give our experts a call in the King of Watersports office on +44 1202 463675 )

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