The kitesurfing forums are buzzing with talk of the latest from Ride Engine. Amongst the latest launches, their best selling harnesses have been revamped and improved.

These are the top improvements that make the 2017 kite harnesses better than ever –

  • The base hardshell is visually very similar but has precision sculpting, helping it wrap around the body better than ever. With additional memory foam on the inside lining of the harness to contour the shape to the body and create a perfectly snug fit to the individual frame.
  • The material has all been upgraded, from the neoprene tunnels for the loops to the individual stitching, Ride Engine have stripped back and assessed the tiny details of their best selling kite harnesses and making improvements wherever possible.
  • Big news for the Hex harness – it has a new home! Ride Engine have moved the production of this advanced piece of kit to a new factory, more geared up for this kind of technical product. One immediate benefit is the branding, where the logo was raised on the surface of the harness previously and was exposed to wear and friction the new logo is embedded into the structure of the harness – so no matter how much you ride the harness will still look great!
  • The Hex kitesurfing harness also has new sizes available, for the very petite they have launched the XS and according to the rep it’s “small enough to fit a spaniel” and for the bigger bodies an XXL. Both the XS and the XXL Hex Harnesses have specific hooks, smaller and larger in size to fit these new harnesses perfectly.
  • They have perfected the detail with new carbon features. Polished and perfect like black glass and the luxury silver carbon are featured on the 2017 elite carbon harnesses, making them even more eye catching.
  • The waist belt has been upgraded on the full Ride Engine Harness range. Where there once was webbing the new kite harness now have a softer neoprene pad on this inside, ensuring maximum comfort if you are lucky enough to be riding without a wetsuit.

The 2017 harnesses are now available to order on the King of Watersports website. The Ride Engine Elite Carbon Waist Harnesses are available in two colours – Black Carbon and Silver Carbon. The new Ride Engine Hex Core Harness is back again for 2017 in Gunmetal Grey, Sea Engine Green, Space Grape, Iridium Red, Volt Yellow.

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