Naish Kiteboading has released 4 new kites for it’s 2015/2016 cycle. Designed with heightened durability, performance, and convenience in mind, the new the newly refined kite shapes by Naish are a must try for any passionate kiter. The new 2015/16 Naish kite line up consists of:

– Naish Draft 2016

The Naish Draft 2016 is a high-performance, freeride/race kite that generates powerful lift for boosting big airs and long, gliding jumps.

Naish Draft 2016 Kite

Naish Draft 2016 Kite

– Naish Ride 2016

The Naish Ride 2016 is a great all-round freeride kite for everyday kiteboarders looking for ease and simplicity.

Naish Ride 2016

Naish Ride 2016 Kite

– Naish Trip 2016

The Naish Trip 2016 is a cutting-edge, strutless kite that is ideal for intermediate-to-advanced riders who want a versatile kite for freeride & wave riding.

Naish Trip 2016

Naish Trip 2016

– Naish Fly 2016

The Naish Fly 2016 is an exceptionally lightweight freeride kite designed to provide a smooth, yet powerful, ride in light-to-marginal wind conditions.

Naish Fly 2016

Naish Fly 2016

The new Naish 2016 kite line is available to purchase at King of Watersports. Call today on +44 1202 763675 or find out more info on the boards at Naish Kiteboarding official website.

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