Developed in close collaboration with a Human Kinetics Science Laboratory, the MANERA harnesses optimise load distribution, which significantly enhances riding comfort thanks to a brand new technology: the EDF (Energy Dispersion Frame).

By preventing your body from counterbalancing the pressure points with muscle contractions and unnatural posture, the MANERA harnesses really reduce the rider’s fatigue and backaches. As an ultimate expression of innovation, the EXO & SENSO harnesses provide an unrivalled comfort feeling enabling you to ride tirelessly for hours.

Manera EXO Harnesses 2015 Development

Amongst various analyses, fitting a pressure sensor blanket enabled Manera to directly visualise how the forces are spread. On this 3D graphic of the pressure distribution it is easy to see that, thanks to the EDF, the forces remain very low in the central area. Conversely pressures are located at the bottom of the harness which rests on the pelvis to provide better support to the loads created by the traction of the kite.

Manera EXO Harnesses 2015 Pressure Sensor

MANERA’s energy dispersion frame innovation has a hexagonal structure, built with various stiffness and volume degrees to control its flex and resistance. Its main advantage and innovation is to be connected directly to the spreader bar through webbing and buckles for a direct transfer of the load and therefore receiving 100% of the kite power. Its design and structure helps distribute consistently the pressure over a much wider area.

Pressures are no longer concentrated on a narrow area of the back, which protects the rider and prevent him from having to compensate with his lumbar muscles.

This technology brings a new vision on the energy transfer science and provides the rider with a level of comfort never seen before.

Manera EXO Harnesses 2015 Frame

The full Manera EXO harness range is available to buy at King of Watersports.

Manera EXO Harnesses 2015 Color Range

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