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The Slingshot Shredtown Wakeboard 2015  is available to order at King of Watersports.



The Slinghsot Shredtown Sizes available are: 135cm, 139cm, 143cm

The much loved Shredtown Wakeboard was a best seller for 2014 with many boards wrapped and packed under the Christmas tree by the 25th. It may be the Slingshot Shredtown’s perfect continuous rocker which makes it fast and efficient. This continuous rocker makes it super easy for getting up to speed in short distances and the beefed up sidewalls are ready to take a beating. There’s only 1 board the crew trusts to get the job done, the 2015 Shredtown Pro Model.


Beginner to Expert: Ideal for the rail park shredder, winching pioneer and freeride enthusiast looking for a fast effortless ride with great pop, soft landings and the Shredtown stamp off approval.


For more features and spec of the Slingshot Shredtown 2015 Wakeboard, check out the King of Watersports website.

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