The O’Neill Pyrotech 5/4 winter wetsuit is back for 2014! Our best selling winter wetsuit of last winter you could not get enough of this top end O’Neill wetsuit.

With great features like the O’Neill Technobutter neoprene throughout, smooth skin neoprene on the front and back, the super warm Technobutter fire wall, O’Neill’s chest zip feature the Fuse closure, Fluid seam welded and air insulation – there really isn’t much more they could squeeze into a wetsuit.


What’s so great about the technobutter firewall?- We hear you ask..

Well, with many different insulators on the market like the Flash bomb wetsuit from Ripcurl and the TD3 neoprene from Xcel, O’Neill have to be top of their game with the most competitive insulation. When looking closely at the smooth skin chest pannel on the O’Neill Pyrotech you can see little dimples in the chest panel, looking like the surface of a golf ball. This is three layers of neoprene all laminated together. The middle layer of the neoprene has little holes in it which creates insulating airpockets throughout the chest panel and the lower back. It is not only smooth with firewall on it but it has the air insulation – more of a double glazing effect. This air insulation is going to have a much bigger effect on the warmth of the wetsuit than the inner firewall. It’s simple, the more air that you can get into a suit the warmer it will be.


“I love a chest zip, I would go with the Pyrotech suit over the Psycho 3 which has the back Zen Zip. Zips are all about preference, especially with O’Neill and their patented Zen Zip the performance of the suits is not affected by the Zip that you decide to go with, whether it is chest or back zip the performance is great for both. O’Neill really show this by trusting their highest end suits with the back zip feature.” – Kate, the King of Watersports Winter Kitesurfing Guru.


The O’Neill Pyrotech Hooded Wetsuit is also available in  both men’s and ladies.  We have seen a huge surge in women wanting high end wetsuits with the top performance and durability of the men’s wetsuits. The women’s Pyrotech 6×4 Hooded O’Neill Wetsuit is for the girls who are out there, catching the waves and the wind on their surfboards and kitesurfing kit even on the coldest winter days.

The pyrotech wetsuit, and especially the hooded pyrotech is for men and women who really love to be warm in the water and who will be out in the coldest waters.  The specifics on the Pyrotech and the Pyrotech Hooded are exactly the same as the except the Pyrotech Hooded Wetsuit has a full time hood. 

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