With the latest FOne Bandit 8 just around the corner the FOne kitesurfers and SUP experts  have been out to some of the most exotic places in the world.

“Raphaël SALLES put on his captain’s hat for the time of a far-off journey to meet his Tahitian team and experience the magic surrounding their idyllic islands. Accompanied by his faithful sidekicks as well as newcomers, they went on to board two catamarans for 25 days of pure happiness in another world.
Tahiti is well and truly as you can imagine: wild, powerful, with the force of the ocean being ever-present and where sharing and wisdom are common values within a whole people.”

Riders : Mitu MONTEIRO, Poenaiki RAIOHA, Robinson HILARIO, Micka FERNANDEZ, Marie SWITALA, Aude LIONET CHANFOUR, Alexandre CAIZERGUES, Filippe FERREIRA, Manutea MONNIER, Rémi QUIQUE, Patrice CHANZY, Raphaël SALLES.

The new FOne Bandit 8 Kites are due in at the end of November and are live to Pre Order now at King of Watersports.


FOne bandit 8 Kitesurfing Kite

FOne Bandit 8 Kitesurfing Kite 2015

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