The Psycho 1 is pure simplicity in a wetsuit, it has been stripped back and left with the best technology to create an ultra-warm and light weight back-Zip wetsuit. O’Neill have worked on reducing the number of panels to increase the flexibility and freedom of movement in the Psycho 1 wetsuit. Formed with the smoothest TechnoButter 2 Neoprene through-out, the Psycho 1 features the new TechnoButter 2 jersey which is more durable and more resistant to Velcro fluffing than the first edition of the TechnoButter.

Another popular feature of this wetsuit is that there is no smooth skin, it is made solely of the latest double lined TechnoButter 2 neoprene. In our experience of testing a variety of wetsuits on the water, we agree with O’Neill that smooth skin and fire wall does not necessarily mean that the wetsuit is going to be any warmer. We have found that with the double lined TechoButter 2 neoprene comes less water absorption, this means less wind chill and more warmth.

Our favourite feature of the Psycho 1 is the extra-large panels, this makes the wetsuit more like a second skin and ultra-flexible on the water. If you are the surfer, kiteboarder or wakeboarder who loves being as close to nature as you can get this suit is for you. The amazing flexibility and freedom of movement will make that restrictive wetsuit feeling a thing of the past.

The O’Neill Psycho 1 wetsuit comes in Mens, Womens and Kids in a variety of thicknesses.

Womens Psycho 1 ONeill Wetsuit

Women’s Psycho 1 O’Neill Wetsuit


The second edition of the TechnoButter neoprene is even more durable than the first.  Amazingly it is also much more Velcro resistant – so much less of that destructive bobbling on the inside of the wetsuit when that Velcro goes rogue! There is an inner TechnoButter 2 and an outer TechnoButter 2 forming an ultra-lightweight double layer neoprene for extra warmth and comfort. This is the most advanced super stretch neoprene available on the market, super-fast drying the TechnoButter 2 is 20% lighter with 30% less water absorption.



The next seam up from the Glued and Blind Stitched Seams is the Fluid Seam Welding. O’Neill have spent the last 15 years improving and developing this seam and they make no compromise in quality. First the wetsuit seam is glued and blind-stitched inside out. They then turn the wetsuit the right way around and then expertly apply a urethane rubber tape by hand. This is fixed on by first preparing the area with a small paintbrush then applied by the technician on top, it is smoothed by hand and comes out perfect every time.

Although the glued and blind stitch is watertight over time the stitches can suffer general wear and tear. This can be affected by the equipment you are using, especially harnesses and impact vests which cause more contact and friction. The Fluid Seam Welding means that the not only is the suit completely water tight but it is watertight for much longer with a considerably more durable seam.



Men's Psycho 1 O'Neill Wetsuit

Men’s Psycho 1 O’Neill Wetsuit



This is O’Neill’s patented back-zip entry system. Other wetsuit manufacturers will build the wetsuit, split the outside in half and attach a neoprene barrier onto the inside of the wetsuit with a small hold for any water to escape. The Zen Zip is designed so that the zip is stuck onto the back of a complete wetsuit rather than joining two halves like most back zip wetsuits. Another great feature of the Zen Zip is that because it is floating on the outside of the wetsuit when you paddle you can’t feel it against your skin. This unique feature makes a huge difference to the performance of any back zip suit and that’s why O’Neill refuse to share it!

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