Ever felt that sinking feeling in your stomach as you heave your boardbag onto the scales at the airport and discover that your kit didn’t quite dry out after your last session, and you will be paying heavily for that extra kg or two that has managed to sneak into your travel bag?

We have and so have Mystic! The new Elevate Boardbag from Mystic is the news addition to their unbeatable boardbag range. The Elevate Board Bag is a couple of kilos lighter than the other board bags in their board bag range and can drop even more weight with the removable wheels!

Mystic Elevate Kite Boardbag with Wheels mystic-w14-elevate-bag-alt3-product



With a huge amount of space, the smaller 1.4 meter bag can hold three kites, two boards and four accessories – all the kit you need for your trip. If you need an extra kite and wetsuit you can size up to the 1.6 meter bag without adding any extra weight. The talented Elevate also packs down perfectly for storage while you wait for your next trip.

Mystic Elevate Kite Boardbag with WheelsFeatures of the Mystic Elevate Boardbag

  • Compact storage system.
  • Protective padding on the areas that will get the most contact.
  • Detachable Wheel system to drop those emergency Kg at the check- in desk!
  • Air Ventilation to keep your kit fresh.
  • Secure Straps.
  • Front and Back carry straps.
  • Big Compartment to fit all of your kit.



  • Weight without the wheels  –  1.8 Kilo
  • Complete weight –  2.8 Kilo

Mystic Elevate Kite Boardbag with Wheels


New in stock the Mystic Elevate Kite Boardbag has already started to fly and the response has been amazing, you guys love them! Order yours for your next trip from King of Watersports –  SHOP NOW! 

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