Beach chic comes to mind when looking at the new Shinn Toyboy. The graphics are sure to attract jealously and envy among your fellow kiters. Not only does it go with your bikini, it also pops, carves and rides smooth in all water conditions.

The Toyboy is a great all around board whether you are beginner or a boot wearing freestyle champion. Designed after the ever popular Monk but tailored to a women, you will feel in complete control of your ride. It’s lightweight, has a narrower stance then men’s boards and comes in smaller sizes. 126 x 38, 128 x 39, 130 x 40 This year the Sneaker X14 foot straps come in white, not compromising the look of the board. The memory foam and simple adjustable strap give you security and comfort to not fall out of the board when jumping which can be a big problem for us women. If you prefer to ride boots the screw configuration will fit all brands.

In choppy conditions the Toyboys slight rocker allows you to keep your edge and concentrate on your next move. It’s flexibility makes it more forgiving on landings and easier on your knees. Riding upwind is effortless due it’s its tailored tips and fin shape.

In flat water conditions you will get great pop and a smooth take off. Changing the fin size to 35 mm fins when riding with boots will change the feel of the board giving it a faster more “skate like” feel making it easier to do advanced style tricks.

At the end of the day the Toyboy is an extremely versatile board for riders of all levels and sizes.

Content By Jessica Winkler

Jessica (Canadian) is a professional athlete with sponsorship from Adidas and Shinn (amongst others) holding some impressive achievements including 3rd place in the women’s World Speed Championships and 1st place in the Mexican freestyle championships 2013.

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