The long awaited launch of the Ozone Reo has finally arrived!

Versatile performance makes all conditions, from on-shore slop to cross-off barreling reef breaks, fun and easy.

The relatively low aspect design combined with fast direct handling generates consistent power to get around sections in a wave. Finely tuned profiles and wing shaping offer unmatched drifting characteristics – as you cruise down the line the latest Ozone Reo it will float effortlessly allowing more focus lining up the next section. De-powering the Reo is a super smooth and efficient, with a very reactive kite throughout the depower range. This is created by the progressive canopy luff which helps the kite maintain a positive bar pressure and handling throughout the de-power range.

Hooked or un-hooked the Reo is designed to perform to any given task in the waves. Simply trim in with the de-power cleat before unhooking and the Reo will sit and fly perfectly, floating with your riding movements. If you prefer to ride unhooked often we suggest connecting the back lines to the longer knot position –  some top tips directly from the guys at Ozone, not to be sniffed at, they know their stuff. If you want lighter or heavier bar pressure use the rear tabs on the tips where the back bridle lines attach.

As with all Ozone products, we pride ourselves with top of the line manufacturing in our own factory, using the highest quality materials suited for the job. The new Reo is constructed with quality proven Teijin D2 canopy material and Teijin Dacron providing a crisper feel and a stronger kite. The Reo is designed tough without the need of unnecessary cosmetic items that only add weight and drag which reduce performance.


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