The hot topic of the kitesurfing world and the new Cabrinha launch is the Radar. This kite is the latest addition to the Cabrinha Kitesurfing range. The Radar is the latest of the crossover kites from Cabrinha joining the best selling Switchblade. This crossover kite works with anything from freestyle to surf, foil and directional boards. The Radar is a totally new kite, designed for that busy kitesurfer who only manages to get out on the water four or five times a month or every other weekend. Designed with efficency in mind, to make the most of every session, the Radar is simple to park and ride and aids progression with is efficient flying. This is designed to be the kite that anyone can take from learning all the way through to the waves, tricks, big boosts and kite loops. The Radar is designed to adjust perfectly for you, on your precious weekend session this kite will perform perfect what ever you challenge it with.

One of the biggest Must Have’s for efficient kitesurfing is a relauch that is effortless and fast. The Radar is designed with the best relaunch on the market, you don’t even have to think about it. The leading edge is very circular so it is easy to pop off the water, sometimes it is hard to even get onto the water. The Radar is the most stable kite in the Cabrinha range, so unlike many other kites on the market, it will behave. The Radar is the most all round kite that Cabrinha have produced, it is not as aggressive on the bar or as trucky like the switchblade, this is also great advantage for the smaller riders.

The Radar comes in 4 colour ways – colour way one is the red kite, colour way two is the yellow kite, colour way three is the blue colour. Number three is really popular with the girls as Cabrinha have really opened the kite ranges up for the girls for 2015. Previously the typical “girly” kite was the Siren, this was pretty much a Switchblade and would tend to direct the girls towards this kite. Now there is a fruity blue colour across the range so for 2015 girls have just as much choice in the Cabrinha range without having to compromise the style of their quiver. More choice and less “girly” this year Cabrinha didn’t want to be too candy!

Available to order from King of Watersports now!

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