Congratulations to Novak Djokovic for capturing his second Wimbledon Crown this weekend. He truly earned his title in a three hour and 56 minute tennis marathon against the legend Roger Federer. A brilliant end to our favourite event of the tennis calendar.

As usual, us Brits are sad it see it end along with the Strawberries and Cream nostalgia that makes even the slowest of games so much better. Well all is not lost for the tennis lovers out there! The Ronix Bandwagon Camber ATR has some cracking graphics, a brand new revolutionary wakeboard shape and no joke.. its smells like grass!

The word from Ronix –

“We have designed hundreds of wakeboards over the past several decades – but never one remotely close to this. The start of the camber revolution, our latest in freeride shapes, the most amount of surface area and exaggerated tip/tail designs, along our . The bandwagon project started out at first to see how wide is too wide? Boards have been roughly the same width for years. Then what happens if you crank the arc up on the tip and tail.  Blending all of this with a surf shape rail design.  The result was a One board feel on the water, with a bigger sweet spot and increased lift at slower speeds. Cable riders were amped on how much further they could take their presses on rails with the new super thin arc. From end to end a 146 cm prototype only had 138cm of running length on the water. So now you were getting the stability of a big board – but a shape that only had the contact on rails found on a much shorter shape – a big board with minimalist swing weight. Combine this with the feel and energy of our popular Phoenix Project series, and we thought we were done. Then our engineers thru something they have been experimenting with over the past couple of seasons – camber. You never realize how much you ride in the backseat with a traditional rockerline until you ride an arc with multiple low points.  How much more neutrally balanced you become, anatomically correct, driving off the wake using your front foot as much as you would your back foot.  Things we never thought possible on a wakeboard. The most explosive yet consistent snap we have ever designed.  Ride a wakeboard for the first time all over again – The Bandwagon. Oh yeah did we mention there is a grass scent to this gem in honour of our favourite tennis court.”

Get yourself one of these amazing boards keep the thrill of the court and that strawberries and cream feeling rolling all summer!

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