It’s not every day you get invited to hang out on a 57ft yacht and it’s certainly not every day that you get to wakeboard behind one. Last weekend, I was staying down in Poole having coached a ladies morning on the Saturday at New Forest Wake Park and by chance my mate Nick happened to be ‘boat-sitting’ his mates giant yacht… as you do! ‘Fancy coming out for the day on the yacht?’ says Nick… he didn’t have to ask twice!

After a morning of sailing around Poole quay and diving off the back of the boat, we decided it was time to have a go at wakeboarding behind it. We tied the rope to the top of the mast and off we went. It was pretty choppy to say the least, but the view was spectacular and it felt amazing to be surrounded by miles and miles of open ocean. With the pull being so high up, I thought it would be pretty fun to try an air raley (cable style) and after a funny stack or two it worked!

We made this little video on my boyfriend’s iPhone, but are planning to see if we can borrow the boat again this summer and go back out with a GoPro on a flat day and see what happens! Keep your eyes pealed for the next edit on my Vimeo channel.

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