Name: Tor Young

Age: 21

Lives: Cables Wake Park Penrith, AUSTRALIA

From: The land of the POMS

Years riding: 9

Ranking: UK National Champion

How long have you been in the land down under and how did you end up there?

About 3 years ago (December 2011) I met Courtney Angus at the WWA Wake Park World Titles in Abu Dhabi. We kicked it off, stayed in contact and the following November I headed over to Courtney’s family’s Cable Park to work and ride for the season. I have been home once since!

Setup: Hyperlite Milkcart 141 (because bigger is better) with Brighton systems

This season was my first year riding the system bindings – I am a big fan!

The Milkcart is a new edition to the Hyperlite range. I love the crazy bright graphics but I cannot get passed how good this board is to ride! It is the bee’s knees for flat water tricks! The channels of the board help me hold a solid edge against the tension of the cable so i can smash out big air tricks but they are not deep enough to affect my rail riding. This board has the perfect amount of flex and has helped me improve my rail riding heaps. It might be a guys board but its perfect for the chicks too!

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