Stuck between the new 2014 Cabrinha Switchblade and the Cabrinha Chaos? Pro Cabrinha Kitesurfer and Instructor Brandon Bowe explains the differences of these two brilliant kites.

I personally ride the 2014 chaos along with the 135 Cabrinha XCaliber. So the chaos this year is so epic, I love it, they really tighten some things up from the kite last year so you have a really solid feel. There are some far better low end areas and the looping, omg don’t get me starting on the kite looping.

I was in Jordan last October where I released a story with Kiteworld Mag in the 69th issue and this was the first time I was really kiting since I injured my knee that January. I was Hesitant to loop my 9m, I knew it was windy enough but I wasn’t use to kiting nor the gear so I do one small one, ok thats fine – lets do a full one and when I pulled the trigger its like a ray of sunshine broke down on me (even though there’s rarely any clouds out there that time of year) the loop was so smooth and floaty. It took me up slightly high and I felt like I was just sailing like a bird through the sky, it really was a funny moment that I’ll always remember. Relaunch is good, I don’t ever have a problem with it. Boosting is fun. For down the line surfing I recommend against it. Its so great for freestyle that it makes it hard to surf because as soon as I smack the lip and go down the line its not there and hard to keep up which is why I use the Switchblades for wave riding.

Now our Switchblade is a hard kite to beat. Its our all around kite, good for everyone on every level. This year they really stepped up on their low end and consistent power with out the horrible bar pressure. It’s the porridge that is just the right temperature so to speak. It’s very responsive light to the touch to easy to steer but doesn’t have that empty no-power feeling. Its a kite you can foil board on, ride some killer waves, boost to the moon and many of our riders love it for rails and freestyle which I won’t ague, but I’m a die hard chaos man myself 🙂 If your looking for a kite to get you out in almost any conditions then the Switchblade is the kite you won’t have to think twice about.


These kites are available from King of Watersports.

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