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(Title image by Christian Black)

Slingshot RPM’s – What makes them so awesome?

I have ridden RPM’s now for 3 years and each year the design has been totally sick, the graphics, bar pressure, re-launch and durability. I have never been tempted to switch kites. I know that each year even if it’s the smallest change it only seems to get better and better. The 2014 Slingshot RPM has had only a few little tweaks from last year. If its not broken then why fix it?

What Slingshot have done this year is improve on the durability of the kite making it even stronger and lasting than ever before. The tweaks have been on the trailing edge, which has been reinforced with a very familiar looking design like you see on the Fuel. These little changes allow the kite to travel faster through the air and last longer because its so much stronger. These kites are built to last, so if your wanting to keep it for a few seasons your all good. I certainly give mine a good thrashing on the water. They seem to stand up to repeatedly being slammed on the water. The pullies have also been changed from plastic to aluminium frictionless pullies making it much easier for the lines to run smoothly through the bridal giving that smooth feeling when redirecting the kite. The kite is even more responsive and the bar pressure is spot on. Its great to try all the different bar pressure setting to see which you feel more comfortable with.   We all like different amounts of pressure so its great to have a range of settings to suit everyone’s preference.

I have to mention the kick ass graphics! The colour combos are so unique not like with most kite brands that have say 4 or 5 different colour combos. The RPM’s come in so many different colour combos its hard to find the same exact combination at your beach, which is nice, we all love to have different kites and to stand out on the water. Well the RPM is already one of the best looking kites on the water and now they look even cooler!

I have to say I love the hazard lines that go down the centre strut, it looks totally bad ass. Sorry to be all girly but the colours of my kites matter! I love the new Compstick bar too. Its great to know that the grip isn’t going anywhere no matter how much you use it. Its pretty solid which allows you to keep hold and avoid the bar slipping through your fingers. The quick release system is easy to use and clip back even with your kite down in the water. The de-power system is simple to use and not at all fiddly which I like. If I wanna de-power or power up I want it NOW. Nothing worse than going to de-power and you get all tangled or cant de-power fast enough.

For those of you who are looking to buy a new kite I have to say with the RPM you wont be disappointed its perfect for freestyle and riders who want to progress their riding. So be sure to take one for a test ride I am pretty sure once you have you will be sold!

Trust me you wont be disappointed. 

Here is a video of Amy Strzalko riding the RPMs of 2013.


For more information about Amy, check out her rider profile on Facebook – Amy Strzalko – Don’t forget to give her a cheeky Like!