World’s fastest drying wetsuit, the best wetsuit for the real surfers out there. Designed to dry almost as fast as you do! … almost. We all know there is nothing worse than clambering into a soggy wetsuit! In Ripcurl’s words its has been “Constructed with the most advanced neoprene and loaded with the latest ocean technology.”

The FLASH LINING is designed to draw the water out of the suit, keeping you as warm as possible before and after your session. 

Ripcurl’s revolutionary NEW E4 NEOPRENE
30% More Stretch, 20% Less Weight and 10% Warmer than any of their previous neoprene. Add the E4 TAPED SEAMS that allow the maximum seam stretch and comfort and you have one of the best wetsuit designs on the market.

Everyone likes a black wetsuit but the blue Flash Bomb is another level.. admittedly it has been photographed a little better.. but we still prefer it in the flesh. Bring a little colour to you summer!

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