After a relaxing surf trip in Portugal British wakeboarder Lex Balladon caught up with King of Watersports to tell us a little about juggling being a mum and getting time on the water. It sound like she is doing it perfectly!


Are you feeling fresh from your trip to Portugal?

Yes thanks, its always amazing to get away! It was a tad different doing a surf trip with a one year old but we managed it; definitely not relaxing anymore!

You are in incredible shape, what are your top 3 tips for a healthy life style?

Haha, thanks!
1. Moderation – everything in moderation. If I’ve been active all day I’ll eat what I like, If I’ve sat on my ass all day I’ll grab a salad for lunch and have a light dinner. And 2ltrs of water – EVERYDAY
2. Be honest with yourself – if you have unrealistic goals you’ll just feel deflated before you’ve started.
3. Just get on with it. Stop putting off working out / eating right, you’ll always feel way better after.

How easy is it to juggle being a mummy and all the sports in your life?

Its different! I have to be very organised – its amazing what I can get done in 2hrs while the baby’s napping! I don’t get to ride as much as I used to but I still manage to get on the water at least once a week, usually on the weekends. I’m excited the summers on its way so I can start to ride in the evenings again!

What inspired you to run the Girls Only wakeboard camps?

I guess going back to when I first started riding it was very male dominated and therefore, very intimidating. I used to be terrified to go ride at different lakes. I like to have fun when riding and so I try and bring that girly fun into the Girls Events. Its about trying a new sport, not caring what anyone else thinks and having fun!

What tips would you give to anyone looking to get into wakeboarding and not sure where to start?

Just stop thinking about it and give it a go. Just make sure you try it in a warmer month otherwise you’ll really be put off! Its a fun sport you can do with your friends, and also meet loads of new friends! Try a Ladies Morning / Girls Day first!

There are loads of great competitions on this summer, will you be competing?

We shall see! I’m keen to do more rail comps.

Other than getting out on the water, do you have any big plans for the summer?

I have a few trips in the pipeline which I’m excited about; France and Spain are in there for the summer though.


Lex has her own brilliant website filled with everything from style advice to travel and fitness tips to inspire you towards that bikini body and healthier lifestyle. Lex also runs Ladies Mornings at Box End Park and Girls days through out the summer, click here for more information and get involved!

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