This year the Ronix Bill Impact Jacket is available exclusively from King of Watersports. This awesome impact vest is reversible, allowing you to switch from bright orange to a tropical world of pinacolada, pineapple and hoola-girls!

The Ronix Bill Impact Jacket matches the Ronix Bill Wakeboard, the best smelling wakeboard on the market this year. What more could you want than the smell of pineapple scenting your ride.

“The latest in progressive shapes for the next gen. of riders with bigger wakes, faster speeds, and longer rope lengths in mind. Bill created the speediest aquatic apparatus in our line with the most contact on the water. A growing trend is going towards faster boards. Having shapes that ride higher pushes the tail up, meaning less resistance, but also reducing the total rocker height creates more contact with the water. The new Bill has more top water momentum – so you don’t have to work as hard. With most shapes you have to create an unneeded exaggerated angle to gain the speed to get lift – the added glide is naturally putting Bill and the boys faster off the wake. We also exaggerated the thinned out tip/tail of this new shape, creating more of a delayed recoil snap. This creates a smoother approach, building energy thru the tail of the board as you transfer over the wake, with more forgiving, predictable landings. One of our most versatile new shapes is also cable friendly.” – Ronix on their Bill.

The Bill Wakeboard and the Ronix Bill Impact Jacket, favourite of world class Ronix rider Adam Errington, are both available to order at King of Watersports.

Check out Adams board review video for all the tech you need to know. Its a board for the best.



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