The Mystic Pro Brazil Day 1

The first day of competition promised to be a good day with a forecasted Northeast wind. The swell was already pumping in the morning and stayed on for the rest of the day. First call for round 1 was given at 14.30 to kick off the first heat of the day.

The wind didn’t built stronger so the conditions were challenging for the riders. The goofy footers were the favourites to showcase well in round 1. Former KSP World Champion Airton Cozolino (ITA) surfed really strong, scoring a top score of 13.33. Felipe Ferreira (BRA) was the other stand out of round 1 and surfed with a lot of confidence. He managed to set the highest score of the day 16.63, which makes him one of the favourites to take the title here in Imbituba – Brazil.


Other round 1 winners:

Dhuda Khard, Leo Chines, Felipe Ferreira, Leandro Martins, Mauricio Pedreira, Airton Cozolino, Pedro Matos, Guilly Brandão, Roberto Veira, Fabio Nunes.

Top KSP rider Sebastian Ribeiro (BRA) will ride his first heat on day 2, because the last three heats of the day were postponed due to a lack of wind.

The Mystic Pro is a kite wave contest presented by Mystic and the State of Santa Catarina in cooperation with the Brazilian Kitesurf Association.

Augusto Sampaio President of the ABK about the event:

“For us this event means a lot, we are proud to have such a big event as our official wave championship. Mystic is a great partner to have on our side to make it all happen. We are looking forward to a long-term relationship and may the best rider win!”

Mystic MD Max Blom about the event:

“We are very happy to have our own contest here in Brazil. Together with the state we teamed up in order to set up this great event. The kite community is very big in the south of Brazil and the level is surprisingly high. Everybody surfs and the waves are just phenomenal from time to time. Unfortunately I ended up 2nd in my heat but I am looking forward to round 2”.

The conditions for day 2 look very promising again. The wind will change to South, so the regular footers are becoming the favourites. With an increasing swell it might be an exiting day!


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