Sophie has spent the winter travelling the sunnier climes and wakeboarding at palm tree strewn cable parks across Australia and Thailand. After seeing her latest video we wanted to learn a little more about what makes her tick.



You have been travelling all winter and been to some amazing places, we love your video from Thailand! Did you go out there with a list of tricks you wanted to learn and perfect or did you just take it day by day?

Thank you ! Well I’ve had a few problems with my knee for the last few years and last season was the first season back where I could ride all summer.  This winter was all about getting back to where I was before injury and keeping my strength up for the beginning of this up and coming season, improving my all round riding and technique and landing a few new tricks was even more of a bonus!  I pretty much took it day by day adding a trick everyday and then when I was feeling stronger I tried some new ones!


What is great about spending that amount of time at one wake park?

We spent time at a few different cable parks starting off in Australia at Cables Wake Park Penrith, then onto Anthem Wakepark in Thailand and finally Thai Wake Park.  We spent the majority of the time at Anthem Wakepark down in Phuket, which was such a nice place!  The location was perfect and the people working there and running the place were so friendly.  Spending a long time at one cable is really good as you start to feel part of the place and get to know loads of new people! It’s a new wake park so they are working on improving it every day.  It’s also great for your riding to get used to a different place not just your home cable.


Does travelling to different cable parks around the world have a big impact on your riding and trick book or do you think you would have been able to achieve the same if you had stayed in the UK this winter?

Yes for sure!  I’m not a big fan of the cold anyway, so I don’t tend to learn a lot during the winter, as I never want to fall in!  Due to previous injuries, I usually get problems riding in really cold conditions and have been advised not too, so going away to hotter climates and warmer water has definitely benefited my riding this winter


What is the most important lesson you have learnt on your travels?

To experience the culture and the country and not just a cable lake.



Where would you like to go next and why?

I’d like to go to the Philippines to check that out.  Lots of people have been and have said how good it is, so I would definitely like to head over some time.


How easy is it to travel with a bag full of wakeboards? Have you got any tips for any of our readers who are planning their own wakeboard trip?

Take a boy who is willing to drag your bag for you.  Haha only joking!   Its not too bad travelling with a big wakeboard bag you just have to plan for it and make sure your bag has wheels!

Other than your wakeboarding kit, what are your top 5 items that you would never travel without?

Definitely would have to be a favourite bikini, Hawaiian Tropic tanning oil for making the most of that sun which doesn’t like to make too many appearances in England, tooth brush- clean teeth is a must, iPhone for music on those long bus journeys and a camera to get those sunset shots!

The wakeboarding industry showed massive growth last year and with more and more cables popping the sport is becoming more accessible. How far do you think the sport will go? Can you see wakeboarding in the Olympics?

The way it is going now, the sport is growing.  The increasing numbers of system parks going up especially around the UK has made it so much more accessible and well known.  If it were ever in the Olympics they would probably have to look at the format of the Snowboard slopestyle which was exciting for everyone to watch, even those who don’t know a lot about the sport.

Who are the wakeboarders to watch in 2014?

Joe Battleday from JBSki is definitely one to watch this year.  He killed it last year in lots of events and being so young I think he has a lot more to show us! 

Where are your favourite places to ride when you are at home in the UK?

JBSki my home cable and up at MooreLake on the System 2.0

What’s next for 2014?

To ride as much as I can and push myself to progress my riding.


Sophie is sponsored by JBSki Wakeboard and Waterski.

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