Uluwatu is one of the most famous waves in Indonesia. It’s varying mood is reflected by the variety of people who visit as it’s often what draws so many people cross continent. Ulus would often be described as the cultural hub for surfers in Bali .Ulu’s has six different sections, these are :

Temples – is a random point break which on one day can be super rip-able and the next day really heavy, so this wave is not for beginners.

Bomby – Is a scary, out to sea, slabby wave that’s very dangerous when big. So again while super fun for those who know what their doing this is definitely no fun for beginners.

Aints – is a bowly wave in between temples and the peak that is normally quite .This section of the wave only works at high tide

The Peak – is the main part of the wave, this spot can get really busy, and when big, heavy to.

Racetrack – is fast hollow and shallow and like The Peak, busy. This wave is best at dead low tide

Outside Corner – only breaks when it’s too big for racetracks, but when it does it’s this big, long, perfect left that you can occasionally get barrelled. This wave works at all tides if big enough.

There is also great food available from the warongs on the cliff at Ulus ,my personal favourite being Jackos Warong as it serves the best food and catches the breeze so it’s not so hot.



Ballian is maybe the most consistent wave in Bali its a very user friendly wave perfect for learners and long boarders its also great for high performance surfing as it can be very ripable. Ballian breaks at all tides.It has some great places to stay on the beach as well as some really good restaurants.



Keramas is equally as famous as Uluwatu its a short perfect right hander that is very difficult to surf on you backside it can be very busy at times. Perfect for those looking to improve there barrel riding as it has an easy take of where you can pull in on the second section .



Canngu is another famous break there are 3 separate waves on this beach.
-There’s a slaby left hander which can be quite localised. This wave is for more experienced surfers -The main break is a wedgey beachbreak which is predominately a left, with the occasional right off it.
-On the other side of the beach the is a super rip able right hander which is half sand half rock. This right hander is one of most playful waves in Bali. Like Uluwatu they are some really good places to eat around here.


Accommodation in Bali can vary it depends on much you want to spend. For example I pay 70 thousand rupiah a night so £3.50 with the current exchange rate this is for a basic fan room. However there is more to offer, like anywhere in the world Bali is studded with 5 star hotel retreats, but if the reason your going to Bali is for the waves you won’t be spending much time in your room!

The food in Bali is great, if you know where to go, word of mouth is everything over here so take peoples advice. The average cost of a western meal is about 55 thousand rupiah (£2.50) where as the local food costs round 15 to 25 thousand rupiah.

A typical day:

Bali is such a manic place to be and you’ll always find yourself driving around chasing the best waves. For example today saw me wake up head to cafe mocha where they offer the most insane breakfast, you get a fresh juice, a hot drink, a breakfast cake and a huge bowl of fruit, yoghurt and muesli all for just £2.50. After breakfast it was time to surf so me and a few friends surfed a secret spot on Bukit Peninsula for a few hours before heading back to where we were staying. On the way we walked through some jungle which saw a couple of my friends meet a green pit viper snake, which was a pretty cool find but also not uncommon . After we sat at a coconut stand for a while reminiscing about snakes and surfing. By the time we left it was 3:30 so we rushed back over to Uluwatu for a late session I surfed racetracks which was pumping but so busy and a bit to big for it so I ended up paddling to outside corner which was pretty solid, I surfed here till dark with a few close friends from France. When I got out I rushed over to a yoga class at Padang Padang. I met some friends and when we were done had dinner at this mad Mexican place on the side of the road, the food here is always epic. To tired to do anything else I drove home watched an episode of dexter and passed out.


Content + Images By Liam Turner

Liam, a King of Watersports team surfer is currently travelling in Indonesia hunting down these perfect waves.

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