Morocco counts nowadays as one of the top secret destinations for kitesurfing and surfing holidays.

2400 km of coast inviting you to surf some of the world best waves and to kitesurf in endless lagoons or in perfect breaks.
All year round Morocco offers good conditions, in the winter time bigger swells and during summer constant winds.
Morocco has mostly right hand side waves.
Main spots are Essaouira and Dakhla, but also the north invites to surf and kitesurf. Most importantly, you should know where to go.
Waves are heavy and strong and hidden currents can become dangerous. Other than Tagazhout, one of the most famous surf spots in Morocco, which in recent years can be crowded and with many territorial local surfer and rule breaking holiday makers, some are searching a little harder for the quieter waves.

But, there are SO many places and waves to surf. Hundreds of secret spots want to be discovered and fortunately it will take years more to do so. So if you go with somebody experienced, don´t worry to find empty spots. But please don´t try to find them alone or with somebody who doesn´t know the area, you wouldn´t be the first one lost out there!



Morocco has so many spots along the coast with so many great breaks that it is impossible to describe them all. Take care about currents and stay with somebody experienced who knows the area. From Tanger to Dakhla there are many many spots! Most right hand side waves and minute long tubes are awaiting you.

Over all Morocco local knowledge is key, from food to directions and spots it can be difficult without somebody who knows the area!

It´s not Europe. Don´t leave anything alone in the car, don´t smoke heavy pot and get robbed (it happens!) and take care in general. It´s Africa.



The dominant wind direction in Morocco is north east which bring fresh cold winds and currents.
All year long a wetsuit is recommended as the Atlantic is cold.
Just in the far south close to the Mauritanian border you can brave it in shorts during summer.
There are two main spots; Essaouira and Dakhla.

In Essaouira you can enjoy several great kitesurfing spots.
In Essaouira bay you have cross shore winds and depending on the swell size, a heavy close out to overcome. The first 100m are nice and flat as waves role out there.
If you prefer a wave spot, Sidi Kaouki e.g. will be your place. Cross-offshore to off shore winds make the spot perfect to kite the right hand side waves. Best is to do a downwinder from the village but make sure you have somebody experienced with you!
Moulay Bouzerktoun is the big wave spot in the area. It´s a mainly windsurf spot and its great to have a coffee and watch the pro windsurfers in big jumps and wave riding. The triple forward was done here and for kitesurfing this spot is a challenge!
Flat reef stones covering the entry, so you really should be experienced to enter. Side to Cross-offshore winds blowing here are more powerful than anywhere else around the area so watch out!



Words by Tania

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