Taiba is a small town with a unique, quiet feel. Tucked up in the upwind corner of Taibinha Beach is where you’ll find some fun wave conditions along all the coast until Taiba Lagoon. Launch in front of the beach restaurants and then rip a kilometre or two down to the lagoon.

Smaller than Cauipe lagoon, it’s also usually less busy, although therefore doesn’t take as many kiters to feel crowded. Early mornings and at the end of the day it’s quieter and the flat water conditions are marvelous.

A must see is the sunset at Taiba lagoon! Is the ideal place to watch the sun goes down while you shred the flat sweet water. Just try to be aware of the rocks at the bottom of the lagoon!!!

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Content and Image by Giselle Nuaz

Brazilian born extreme sports journalist Giselle Nuaz likes to spend just as much time in the water as she does writing about what goes on above it. When not kiting she travels, writes, reads and celebrates life.

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