At King of Watersports we wanted to find out what the major differences between the Ozone Chrono and the Flysurfer Speed 4 Lotus kites. This will give you information on which kite to pick depending on your level and the style of riding you are into.

This year both Ozone and Flysurfer have the same sizing options, The Lotus and the Chrono kites are available in 12m, 15m and 18m. Flysurfer are also offering a 21m version of the Speed 4 Lotus.


The new 2014 Ozone Chrono kite

When you look at the two kites side by side you immediately see the differences in aspect ratio. The Ozone Chrono has a thinner profile and a higher aspect ratio than the Flysurfer speed 4. The result is the Chrono will be a more race orientated – high performance kite than the Speed 4. With the higher aspect kites the general results are faster through the air but slower in the turn. So a high aspect ratio kite will be better for course racing as you will be able to go faster from one point to another. With the higher aspect Ozone Chrono hang time is extremely impressive. For more experienced riders the Ozone Chrono is definitely one of the fastest kites out there. For very light wind performance and pure straight line speed the Chrono is going to be on the watch list of many riders. The Chrono is a very solid kite, but is definitely aimed more at the speed freaks rather than general freeride. The Chrono is available with two bar options, a freeride and a race setup. The racing gives the ability to depower the kite much easier without having to reach further up the bar, therefor you do not have to lean forward and take the weight off the edge when racing. One of the kite surfers here at King of watersports (Charlie) has ordered an 18M Ozone Chrono with the aim of being powered up in summer sea breezes. After speaking to him he has combined this kite with a Cabrinha Alias (Basically a half-way house between a race board and a surf board) When the sea breezes arrive I aim to be going out and being powered in 9 to 10 knots, but this is impressive when you hear the fact that he is 105KG! I still have an Ozone Zephyr in my quiver but this Ozone Chrono will be even more efficient and ever more powerful , unlike the Zephyr I will be getting overpowered when the wind picks up to 14 to 15 knots!


The new 2014 Flysurfer Speed 4 kite

The Speed 4 Lotus is more of a freeride kite. Although still being classed as a high aspect kite it is much lower aspect then the Chrono. It is easier to use and you will need generally less experience to fly the kite than with the Ozone Chrono. It is more user friendly whilst still maintaining good performance. Because of the profile the Speed 4 seems to behave better on the ground and during inflation. For riders wanting to hit the snow, mountains and beach without needing to be the fastest in a straight line this could be a better option.


In Summary they do not directly compete with each other. If you want a race performance kite with huge jumps and low end performance then steer towards the Ozone Kite and if you want an easier to use freestyle orientated kite then edge towards the Flysurfer kite.


We have demo kites arriving shortly so please call if you have any more questions or if you want to speak to people who have tried both options.

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