The first time I went Kitesurfing in Kenya was at Nyali Beach in the south, just outside of Mombasa. Nyali Beach is the most perfect beach a kitesurfer could hope for. There is a big sand bar that uncovers at low tide keeping the water very calm. There is also a great deal of sand between the shore and the reef. At low tide as the water comes up between the sand bar it leaves a stretch of super flat water, perfect for a beginner or if you are learning some new tricks. Even at high tide the spot is great, with the soft sand under foot, unlike other rockier areas, you can be confident that you will not be stepping on coral or spiky sea Urchins.

The Reef at Diani is only about half a mile out from shore so if you wanted to head out to play on the waves you find consistent and powerful kickers rolling in from the ocean.

Out there in February the worst we had was 10 out of 14 days of wind. The wind tends to come up around 11 O’Clock and continues to blow through the day. I would recommend a bigger kite for this trip, I took my 17, 13 and 11 and used my 9 on only 2 occasions; the wind didn’t get much above 20 Knots.

January has the best wind stats but February can be good too, March may be a little riskier as the wind starts to drop around that time.

The water and air temperature is lovely and warm so no need for a wetsuit.

Words By Martin + Image from Hakuna Matata Travel


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