El Hierro

The Bubble is one of Fuerteventuras most famous waves. Although the right breaks more consistently offering both sections for turns and barrels there is shorter left that also offers a barrel section, making the bubble one amazing A-Frame. Swells heading in from the North/Northeast are ideal and when the winds blow offshore you will be in for a treat with powerful, hollow waves on offer. The Bubble will break from 1ft up to 6-8ft before it maxes out but you do have to be an experienced surfer and as there often is a heavy local crowd its important to show respect. However this spot is exposed to the main road on the north track and is no secret spot, so as long as you are friendly and polite you will be more than welcome to surf the bubble and grab a few barrels! (pictured above)



Los Lobos, one of the real gems here in Fuerteventura. This wave rarely works but when it does the local crew are always there, don’t expect to catch too many set waves on the peak as its a competitive line up. Instead we recommend sitting on the second section where you can catch the wider sets that miss the peak or the ones the locals fall off of, leaving you with over 200m of a reeling, perfect wave, rolling down the point. Show the locals respect, don’t paddle out with a crowd of friends and follow the usual surfing etiquette of any travelling surfer and you will surf one of Europe’s best waves.

Los Lobos is an offshore volcanic Island that you can only reach by boat, which will cost you 10 Euros at Corralejo Harbour. This is a long point break that offers several sections and rides as long as 300 meters easily. Its a unique set up and more favourable to regular footers as its a long walling right. There can be a few hollow sections on the dead low tide but usually its not super critical, which makes it great for practising cutbacks and turns. Lobos needs at least a 1.5 meter swell to start breaking properly and can hold big swells up to 10 ft. It will break throughout the tides but works best with a lower tide and southerly/easterly winds. Be prepared for crowds when Lobos is working as its on every tourists list on waves to surf. A tip from the Star Surf guys is to try sneak a session in around Mid day when many people will be having lunch or early on the weekend when most people are too hungover to get out early.

Cotillo Beach

Cotillo is one of the very few options that can offer shelter from the North Easterly that Fuerteventura gets its fair share of. Although the Winter swells tend to remove the sandbanks, around Easter time this beach can come back to life and offer some fantastic rip-able waves, especially on the low tide, whereas the high tide can offer great beginner waves, provided its not too big. Cotillo faces directly west so there is usually plenty of Swell even in the summer however the best banks can get a little crowded. If you wish to escape the crowds stroll further south along Cotillo beach and although the banks are usually not as good you may find yourself surfing alone.


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