About 60 miles up the coast from Cape Town is a great sea side community. The kitesurfing spot at Langebhan is a huge lagoon parallel with the coast. When the tide goes out the lagoon still has pleanty of beautiful flat flat warm water making the lagoon the perfect place for learning. It is really safe to learn here, if anything goes wrong you have the safety of always reaching land, whichever direction you are going!  It is about 5 degrees warmer than the open water further down the coast and can happily kitesurf in a shorty wetsuit.

I sailed a 13m in the morn and then in the evening was super powered up on the 9m. Out of 14 days out there at the end of February there were only 2 days that we didn’t kite.

Great exchange rate with the pound is really good at the moment so the food and drink is really cheap. The food and drink in the area is wonderful and there are some gems to be found with a little investigation. The wine is brilliant, and coffee is delicious. The meat variety is huge, so don’t be too shy to sample some of the local cusine.

Other than kitesurfing there is plenty to do – the whole wine region, the cape road through the mountains and table Top Mountain. So even when the wind drops you are kept busy.

Other things to do – drive up into the heart of the country and go on safari if you have never been on one. You can see antelope and waterbuffalo and plenty of ostrich nearer to Cape Town. So the area has lots to offer for those who don’t kite – lots of bars and live music. A really cosmopolitan town and some great, world class sports to see in the town at a great price!

Words by Martin + Image from KiteKahunas.com


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