The South coast’s not-so-secret spot – Kimmeridge Bay. Where surfers have been sneaking around the cliffs and past the guns to the peeling reef break for years. Some degree of local knowledge is almost essential for knowing when it is worth the drive and even then the red flags could be flying on the cliff, marking the Broadbench as a no go area.

The Waves

Kimmeridge works in a South Westerly swell but the wave quality really depends on wind direction.

Broadbench – This reef break is accessed through an MOD firing range so when the ref flag is flying that end of the beach is a no go area. This can be really frustrating when the waves are working perfectly.

The Ledges –  Beneath Clavell Tower on the other side of the bay are the ledges. One of the best point breaks on the south coast. Kimmeridge has become one of the worst kept secrets and when the waves are working the crowds arrive.. watch out for nasty locals! (says the local!)

Other Waves – In the right conditions you can take a long walk toward some perfect uncrowded waves.

Content By A Local Surfer +Image by Mark Pearl


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