Cumbuco Beach

Cumbuco is the most famous kiting spot in Brazil. After leaving Fortaleza, Cumbuco is probably the first beach you gonna visit in Ceará. Just 40km far from the capital, the fishing village of Cumbuco offers to you six kilometre long, sandy beach to kitesurf, so there is always plenty of space and there are pousadas and apartments spread along most of it. Cumbuco can be the start of constant downwinders to Cauípe lagoon or Pecém Harbor.The wind is steady and blows 99% of the days, from June to January, averaging 20 knots each day. It´s true!!!


Cauípe Lagoon

Five kilometres downwind from Cumbuco village is located this great lagoon with butter flat water. Separated from the sea by 300 metres of beach, the wind blows onto the lagoon very consistently, allowing you to sail easily across its width. The problem is: the lagoon has been getting very busy, so hitting it in the early mornings(8am) or late afternoons(4pm) is the secret.There are no concret buildings around the laggon, but watch out the coconut trees and a couple of beach restaurants.


Port of Pecém

Pecém is located 35 kilometres away from Cumbuco. At low tide you can pick your spot, choosing from flat water or small waves. Watch out the container ship dock and make sure you ride downwind from it.


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