Obrien Rider Jack Hammersley and Liquid Force’s Jorge Gill have been making the most of the floods across Britain. This Guilford car park is a concrete playground showing just how urban wakeboarding has become.

Size - Jorge Gill in flooded car park cred_ marc roe

Picked up by the news teams the country, the UK has been watching these guys make the most of the floods. Although it is not much comfort to those with watermarks around their living room walls, every cloud has a silver lining and these guys are definitely making the most of it.

Wakeboarders make a splash during UK Floods


A couple of fun videos from Pro Wakeboarder Steph Caller and friends – Alec Foster, Gemma Rawlings, Steven Burgess and Stu Hickling – as they took their winch and wakeboards to the Worcester Racecourse and the River Severn.

Video By Stu Hickling.

A few weeks later with the water even higher and the railings almost submerged, the team were back with their wakeboards, stand up paddle boards, kayaks, home made jumps and anything else they thought fit for some winching action.

Video By Stu Hickling.

Size - Alec Foster  -  winching in worcester

Photo: Alec Foster wakeboarding in the car park.

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