What size wakeboard would your child need? We would recommend the 115cm for any rider up to 32kg and the 125cm would go up to 41kg.

Slingshot have put together a perfect kids wakeboard for 2014 – the SuperGrom is coming to the UK. Anyone who has been cable wakeboarding and watches the groms fly effortlessly through the air and nailing bone crunching tricks after a couple of attempts knows that a high performance board was just around the corner.


The only thing that makes this a “Childrens Wakeboard” is the size. The Slingshot Supergrom has all of the advanced technology for the advanced wakeboarding. Slingshot’s own future response technology, a slide base, bomber sidewalls and so much more. With every wakeboard session behind a boat or on the cable these guys are progressing and pushing the sport – the Super Grom was designed to take their riding to the next level and beyond. So long are the days of the cookie cutter toys for kids… This board is fully loaded!

BEGINNER TO INTERMEDIATE: Designed specifically for kids with a snowboard style, and those looking for smooth pop, knee-saving landings, exceptional control and affordable, high-end value.


For more information and specific details check out the website  – CLICK HERE

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