The First stop on the ASP Men’s World Tour Starts tomorrow and King of Watersports have their own Fantasy surfer club! Join us in the game, as there may be prizes to be won!

Search “King of Watersports” on Fantasy Surfer to join the Club. Alex is the one with the knowledge in the King of Waterspots HQ, he selected his team on skill and past experience – “Fanning over Slater” He said with confidence, “because its in Australia…” somehow he made it sound obvious. The rest of us in the office frowned at these little boxed faces, a few of which we recognised names and made our selections based on a vague guess, favourite names or a desire to support the underdog.. not that we know if there is one. Regardless of that lack of knowledge everyone is quietly confident they have the winning team… we think it may get a little competitive and we would love you to join in! 


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Coops is usually the King of Watersports voice of our social media and behind the blog. Stand Up Paddle Boarder, Wakeboarding, skater and a one time kitesurfer, she has a more relaxed attitude to her board riding. If she is out of the office then she is probably carving up some badass jewellery.