Liquid Force Wakeboarder, Nico Von Lerchenfeld, has proven that he is also incredibly talented off the water too. Turning his hand to the paper and developing the graphics for his new Peak. 

“It all started when I showed the Art Department a flyer that I drew for my birthday party when we were talking about the 2011 graphics. Scot, the Art Director said I should give it a go. It worked out and my drawings ended up on the Peak!

Tarek, a graphic designer from Germany did the computer work to put in colors and some more graphical details, the logos etc. It was basically the same procedure for 2014, except this time I painted the colors in addition to the original ink drawing. When I thought about what to draw I was just playing around with different ideas, until I got the theme of the contrast of nature to artificial/technical. I tried to put this together with painting a tree that grows out of all those pipes and cables.

I think you can interpret this in a few ways. The tree stands above the industrial things, showing that nature is still superior. It could also hint at what we are doing to our nature, modifying all the plants to get bigger yields for example. Anyways, I hope you like it!”



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And a little more about the man himself –

Any new tricks you are working on?
Nothing very special right now, I’m just trying to get consistent with all the stuff I do, put some more steez on it and think of new, creative things.

Who is the most influential person in your life and why?
It is my family. They are a big reason that I am who I am, I love them and they support me with everything I do.

What is your greatest prized possession in life?
Probably the immaterial things like friends, family, a good life…

What is your biggest accomplishment so far?
Getting to where I am now. At a point where I am done with school and have a great looking future waiting for me.

5 things you can’t live without?
Family. Friends. Wakeboarding. Snowboarding, Sleep.

What does your ideal day consist of?
Sleeping till 10am, sunshine, nice breakfeast, good wakeboarding, having fun and chilling with friends, party.

What does your ideal night consist of?
A good party with good people and good music. Or just a good book and some sleep.

Favorite movie?
Hm, there are a lot of good movies.

Favorite book?
I like Limit from Frank Schätzing and Eragon from Christopher Paolini a lot.

What interests do you have other then wakeboarding?
Snowboarding. Sometimes I like to paint or draw a little bit. Having fun with friends. Travelling. Or just hanging out.

Quote you live by?
I don’t have one right now… Live my life and have fun? 🙂

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