RRD Air Kid SUP 8’0″ 2014 Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard

We were so happy when we found this brilliant kids stand up paddle board. It is the perfect way to get your children out and about this summer, closer to nature and having adventures in places that were impossible to get to. Imagine all those unexplored rivers, harbours and coast!

As with any watersport we would advice accompanying your child on their little adventure. Lucky we have some amazing paddle boards for adults as well!

This one has been designed specifically with an outline and thickness that fits all kids needs, the Airkid CONV 8’0” is equipped with 3 x soft fins to be extra safe and a mast plug to allow use as a windsurfer.


We have put together a brilliant package with everything you need to get started. It INCLUDES:
FREE Mainland European Delivery
FREE 3-piece Paddle
FREE Waterproof Phone Holder
FREE Leash


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