Last week we came across this Tribord snorkel mask, instantly the Guys at King of Watersports wanted one. They look like they are straight out of a scifi movie and the technology behind them is beautifully simple. We think these there the snorkel-mask of the future.

The aim of these masks is to help the swimmer to breathe as easily and naturally as they would on land, allowing them to really make the most of the nature they are experiencing. They are designed to offer a full 180 degree field of vision and the double air flow system (shown above) prevents them from fogging up. This is the same system that is used in domestic extraction fans so it has years of engineering behind it and it works perfectly when transferred to the Easybreath mask.




The snorkel is equip with a mechanism that plugs the top when submerged in water, allowing you to dive a little deeper for further investigation and real freedom to explore the depths!

We put it to our customer and got a fantastic response! To see what was said and join the conversation check out the King of Watersports Facebook Page.




Materials: Silicone Skirt and Polypropylene Rim.

Sizes: 2 Adult sizes are available now and childrens – coming soon!

Weight: 550g


and they should be available from King of Watersports soon so watch this space!


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