Dubai may not be the first place you think of when debating where to go on your next kite trip, but it has many benefits things that other destinations do not have!

Dubai in the UAE close to Oman, is a short accessible and even cheap flight from most places around Europe, especially due to the seriously huge and impressive Al Maktoum Int. Airport.

Accommodation in Dubai is surprisingly cheap if you search around online, because its such new city, even the 1* or 2* hotels and as nice and clean as a 3/4* in Europe. Dubai is an amazing city and can be done on a budget, but with so many luxuries on offer it may be worth treating your self to the full Dubai experience.


The Spot

There are two great kite spots in Dubai, they are pretty much next to each other and one could walk between them. My favourite is called Nessnass beach and the bay is around 3km sq. but then opens out to the sea. Water close to the edges of the bay can get very flat and the water is a lovely temperature.

The season for wind in Dubai can be a bit funny, I found it can be windy randomly, but the best time for weather and highest chance of wind is from February until May.

The best thing about kiting in Dubai is the atmosphere. There is a very close friendly kiting community out there, glued together by the founding kite teaching and selling service Dubai Kite Forum. The owner Mark, an English guy, is incredibly helpful and passionate about kitesurfing, so if you head down there definitely check out mark and his spot!

Things to Watch Out For

There is a certain type of shell that exists there, that are slightly covered by sand in the shore, just the top ridge of spikes comes up and although there are not that many, it can be a bit painful to stand on one!

The wind in Dubai seldom reaches over 16 knots. It is normal for the wind to pick up at around 1/2PM each day and is average around 10/12 knots, so most people ride 14ms for girls and 16+ for men (depending on weight)


Content + Images By Leo Holland

Leo has set up a brilliant Kite School in Jambiani, Zanzibar, so if you are heading that way don’t forget to pop in to say hello or get some lessons!

Kite School : Casa Kite Zanzibar


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