Wainman Hawaii is proud to introduce their new unique product to the global kite market – the ManiaC. This project was conceived and developed by Wainman to fulfill the requirements of the most demanding riders who push the limits.

The ManiaC was initially conceptualized around the proven and classical C shaped traction kite. Reengineered and tested to absolute perfection by the mystical and passionate touch of our product designers, the kite they developed is an unparalleled final product. This innovative combination of old school and new-school performance characteristics is appreciated and respected by our best test riders globally, and considered by them as one of the most complete and soulful designs ever developed.


The ManiaC is an unparalleled performer for freestyle and wake style providing amazing stability combined with smooth power delivery. This mystical machine provides riders radical performance characteristics that is expected from a pure C shape: generating amazing pop, direct feel and control, unhooked performance with flawless slack, hooked in boosting and freeride spirit not to mention a great mega looper! The single inflation and stock direct connect 4-line setup with superb SLE relaunch characteristics, including a 5-line option too means that you can get on the water so much faster. Who wants to be pumping on the beach when you can be tearing it up on the water?!

Multiple settings on ManiaC provides the ability to adjust the kite to fit their perfect feel and performance needs depending on the riders preference – making it your own custom kite, perfectly responsive to your needs.

The kite is complemented by a customized freestyle bar system offering a streamlined reduced diameter shaft, custom setup up of line lengths trimmed for ultimate ManiaC performance, all wrapped up in a stylish and functional bag.

The scheduled release of the ManiaC will take place in February 2014 and for now we want to share some sneak previews so you too can enjoy the introduction to this unique product that is about to awaken the world. So check out the video and enjoy the images! The kite are available to Pre-Order Now CLICK HERE FOR ORANGE or HERE FOR BLACK.

Wainman Maniac