One of our favourite Rusty Our Kind Mini Documentary with Noa Deane  – open your eyes to the world of surfboard creation.

Making your way from the chunky beginner boards to a shorter board and not 100% where to start? Well the Rusty Piranha would be the perfect place! The board has been specially designed to help you onto every wave possible and progress your riding style at every level. From 2 – 6ft waves this board is a safe bet to be perfect on every session –  slop or peeling barrels, you cant go wrong.


Available in Sizes: 6’4″, 6’6″, 6’8″, 6’10”

Our proven, extremely popular, everyday modern fish. Among other things, traditional fish have a long, straight, rail line relative to their overall length and a lot of area behind the foot. The tail area is stepped down with 3 sets of wings. This help to make the board quicker from rail to rail and tighten the turns.

Rocker, bottom and thickness are similar to a performance shortboard like the GT Swallow. Has a full nose with the wide point nudged in front of center. The triple wings step a fairly wide tail down to about a 5 1/2″ inch split.
TAIL: Triple wing swallow.
FINS: Thruster and is also available as a QUAD
GOOD FOR: Upping your wave count
SKILL LEVEL: beginner-intermediate


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