Finding the perfect wakeboard for you can sometimes be a little daunting. With the sport split between boat and cable the boards are changing and often tailored to each location. Finding the perfect board can transform your riding and remove unnecessary difficulties.

Liquid Force have made it easy,  a simple chart that will point you straight to your perfect board. Weather it is a boat wakeboard you are after like the Liquid Force Harley or the Liquid Force Fury, or spend all your time at the cable park with a Liquid Force Raph or Liquid Force FLX it is perfect to find exactly what you need for your location and experience. There are also some great wakeboards for those crossover riders –  the proud Liquid Force Watson is sat slap bang in the middle, daring you to find somewhere that it doesn’t perform perfectly. We would tend to say that the more experience you have had riding, the more responsive you would like your board to be. So the Liquid Force Dream and the Liquid Force Fury are perfect wakeboards for those just getting the hang of wakeboarding and need a board to help them progress as fast as possible.

Check out the chart below for some direction –