The lastest Video from Liquid Force and Aaron Reed prepare to be inspired  – The Road Goes On Forever.


We know you don’t want to hear about it but Christmas is just around the corner and wouldn’t life would be so much easier if you didn’t have that mad panic just before?

We will be firing stocking suggestions to you nearer the time but for those who are after a little head start we would recommend one of these bad boys. For your boyfriend, girlfriend, son, daughter, husband or wife.. or perhaps your wakeboarding and kite surfing friends who appear to have almost everything they need. Short of asking a ruining the surprise it is almost impossible to to get Christmas presents for some people!

Here at King of Watersports we reckon a wakeskate is the perfect answer. A brilliant toy for cable, boat or kite. Sketchy if you aren’t use to one, so much to learn and a whole world of tricks to be done, the possibilities are endless and it’s worth a lot of laughs. We have ultimate respect for those who can ride even close to Aaron Reed!


Liquid Force Faction Obscura Wakeskate 2013
Sizes: 40, 42, 44

The Faction is the perfect wake skate to learn and progress on. This value price skate features a super forgiving outline with a foam top traction pad to help you learn the basics and guide you along. If you are new to wake skating or just looking to get your first deck, there is no better board to start your skate journey on than the Faction!

New Board Outline
For 2013 we updated the outline of the board, to have more midsection and continuous outline shape, for a better edge hold and more consistent feel under your feet.

New EVA Deck
Deck comes with applied die cut machined EVA grip that has been redesigned for this year. The grip offers much improved traction and Obscura logo branding

Progressive 3 Stage Rocker
A mixture of aggressive 3 stage and continuous rocker, this rocker profile allows the board to stay under your feet as you edge or leave the wake.

Single concave
The progressive 3 stage rocker is complimented with a single concave throughout the board that helps the board track even truer, with a fin or without, when you are on edge.

Wood Construction
Decks that are pressed one at a time and individually CNC cut to a shape that will allow any rider, at any level to ride. Once the board is machined it goes thru a varnishing process twice to ensure a quality seal.

Constant Rail Edge
The rail of the board is soft throughout. This allows the board to have a forgiving feel.

Skate Fin
Comes standard with two 1.0 skate fins.

We have more wakeskates available on the King of Watersports Website  –  please click here for more information.

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