How many times have you been down at your favourite beach and a strange smell has wafted under your nose, the sea didn’t look quite a clear as before and waves are washing up plastic along with sea shells? For us at King of Watersports with our local blue flag beaches this happen all the time. King of Watersports are passionate supporters of Surfers Against Sewage and there is no time like the present to learn a little bit more about this fantastic charity. They have just launched their brand new website and its smoother than a fish on a waterslide.


They are the guys that give you the chance to avoid that funny taste in your mouth and being surrounded by uninvited “guests” bobbing around you at your local break by signing up for their Sewage Alert Service. This free text service and app warns you when untreated human sewage and wastewater is being discharged at your favourite beach.

Kelly SAS

They have a number of campaigns running with support from the likes of Kelly Slater and Dane Reynolds, so check out the fantastic work they are doing on their website. The Surfers Against Sewage team will be at Boardmasters next weekend, so pop over for a chat to find out exactly what is it they get up to, how their cause effects you and what you can do to help out.


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