Liquid Force and Billabong are proud to present Part 2 of Strange Overtones, a series of videos that portrays professional Wakeboarder Raphael Derome.

Wakeboarding has become a contest orientated sport, where the majority of up and comers believe that to achieve their goal of going pro, contests are the only solution. At only 21, Raphael has proven that he is one of the best in his sport. From winning contests to filming incredible video parts, Raphael understands the importance, but at the same time has found an alternate route of becoming a professional wakeboarder by being original and creative with his talent.

Strange Overtones Part 2 portrays Raphael’s perception on the aspect of contests in his sport. He explains the external pressure that is associated with competition, and how contests don’t necessarily determine who is the best wakeboarder, but rather who is the best that day. Raphael Derome is trying to break a contest mold and is riding stuff that suits his personality.


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